15 minutes of fame for the farm

Ithaca is a hub of all things locavore and farm-y. It’s one of the things we like and appreciate about living here.

Many people have heard of the farm-to-table movement by now, but some folks are trying to extend the concept to clothing, textiles, and fashion–or “farm-to-fiber.”

Dr. Helen X. Trejo (and one of my blog followers–hi, Helen!?) recently received her PhD in Apparel Design at Cornell University. She’s smart, ambitious, and creative, and really inspiring in terms of trying to get “slow fiber” and “farm-to-fiber” movements off the ground. Dr. Trejo came to our farm this summer, visited the sheep, asked a lot of great questions, and bought several fleeces for her fiber apprenticeship. Her sister also took some gorgeous photos of the sheep.

We didn’t realize she had written a post about Navajo-Churro sheep–and our farm–on her blog until very recently. (Hey, I did it folks! I added a link!?) Here’s the informative and lovely entry she wrote.

Happy reading! And don’t miss the photos of ADORABLE LAMBS!

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1 Response to 15 minutes of fame for the farm

  1. Helen Trejo says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I’m currently working on a NY fiber farm mapping blog post, and will include updates that Google has made!

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