crescent’s new game

Hello diligent readers and followers.

Long time no post.

It was That kind of academic year, including That kind of spring, only to be followed by That kind of early summer.


There have been many new things, events, critters, and adventures on the farm–mostly of the good variety. I’ve been radio silent (blog silent???) due to a very busy spring and early summer. So many stories to share. And I’ve already forgotten 95% of them. Many of the most endearing parts of farm life are the mundane little things that happen spur of the moment.

Oh well.

I’m hoping to write more frequently for the rest of the summer, but I’ll start this afternoon with a story about Crescent Moon. Apparently I never posted photos of her and twin Joseph (!). And, for that matter, I never wrote about the birth of PJ, the last lamb born this spring (!!). Crescent and Joseph’s birth caused too much excitement and it took over everything for a week there. That explains the first week of May. I guess it does not explain anything since then (!).

So, back to Crescent’s new (or not-so-new now) game.

Crescent, now 2.5 months old, started doing this a few weeks ago. When we squat down to pet the sheep–usually her and Joseph–she comes over and proceeds to put her front hooves on our legs.

The first time she did this, she actually knocked Ron over on his behind because he wasn’t expecting a lamb to crawl on him. And when you are crouched and squatted down, you aren’t exactly well balanced either.

After standing on us with her front legs, Crescent hurls her head and neck over our nearest shoulder in a lamb-y hug. At that point, it’s pretty easy to put your arms around her and give her a hug or offer a full-body scritch.

And she loooooooves pets and scritches.

Obviously it’s a game–and a fun one at that, one that pleases her to no end because she keeps doing it. I have no idea where she came up with this idea. It doesn’t seem to have a close relationship with something that she does with her mom or brother or one of the other sheep. But Crescent made up the game and loves it.

I didn’t ever think we would be giving a lamb a hug on a regular basis, but apparently so.


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