again, but

I wrote umpteen posts in my head yesterday, what was a Very, Very Long Day.

In short, June Bug, a first-time sheep mom, had twins (!) in the early hours of Sunday morning.

But, after cleaning them up, she rejected them (!!!!!!!).

I don’t have time to write everything that happened yesterday (more exclamation points go here…), but the situation seems stable and much better now, about 27 hours after getting up around 5 am yesterday morning to a ewe who was head-butting her newborns, twin lambs (a girl and a boy), and trying to figure out how to keep these gorgeous little critters alive.

We spent all day taking small steps, trying to keep them going, getting them cleaned up, dry, and fed, trying to get them to nurse from Junie despite her initial response, and hoping that she would/will eventually accept them.

For the time being, we have June Bug in a halter in the sheep shack. We’re bringing in the twins every 2-4 hours to nurse from her. She’s mostly calmed down from her head butting. She seems quite conflicted and was all day yesterday. She seems to have raging new mom hormones (where are my babies? where are my babies?), but then is freaking out about them (who are you? what are you doing? [head butt]). She’s much better with them–and us–so we are hoping that we can keep the twins nursing, she will warm up to them (and us), and we’ll be able to let all of them rejoin the entire flock shortly. Meanwhile, the flock is very much confused about everything between Cinnamon, her twins, and now Junie and her twins.

On a happier note, June Bug’s twins are absolutely beautiful. No time to download some photos I took yesterday, but they are handsome, beautiful, and getting stronger (and bouncier) by the hour. We are so relieved.

And they seem to think they have three parents–one sheep and two humans.

Photos to come.

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