The first lamb(s) are here!

Cinnamon had twins at 8:00 and 8:10 this morning in the spring sunshine after going into labor around 7 o’clock. She gave birth under the tarp by the sheep shack. It was easy to watch her go through the whole process from the west deck (so we did). She kept looking at us, but we didn’t intervene. I (Sara) saw the second one come out through the binoculars in close detail!

Here’s one photo. More soon! And June Bug is due tomorrow and Brownie in another 10 days.

Yes lambs

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3 Responses to twins!!

  1. Rebecca says:

    adorable!!!! can’t wait to see more pics. glad they are all healthy and feeling good.

  2. clecain says:

    Congratulations! That’s exciting news! Did you have any idea she might be giving birth to twins?

  3. Lisa Kozleski says:


    As K and O say; “twinning is winning!”

    Lisa Kozleski

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