boys, II

Back to the farm boys.

Shemp got here at the end of November. The ewes have been pleased with their suitor.

The wethers? Not so much.

We separated Tagine, Tatanka, and Half Moon from the girls earlier that Sunday. Initially, both groups were a bit befuddled by the whole thing. “Why are we over here and they are over there????” After all, they are a single flock and they prefer it that way.

The girls, however, got over the strangeness pretty quickly, especially once Shemp showed up.

The wethers were big whiners. They stood at the part of their pasture where they could generally see the ewes (and Shemp) and baa’ed at them. Half Moon was especially vocal the first day or two.

But it was the first time he had been separated from his mom, Brownie, since he was born. Granted, he was over 6 months old and pretty big, but he clearly didn’t like it.

Tagine and Tatanka really had no excuse, but they whined, too.

After about a week, all three wethers had mostly calmed down, but they have been very, very happy to see us (the humans). They’ve been more interactive, friendly, and generally needy–Tatanka especially (at least around me).

Shemp will be here for a total of about five weeks (or two ewe estrous cycles). It’s been almost two weeks. So a little more than three more to go.

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