new layer

I’ll put the series on the farm boys on hold.

Yesterday we got the first egg from a new layer: Mira-or-Lazi.

Why Mira-or-Lazi, not Mira or Lazi?

As you might recall, poor Mira (short for Miracle) and Lazi (short for Lazarus) were the two surviving chicks (Ella’s) from the awful chickatrosphe of June. The poor little things were just four weeks old, somehow ended up in the corn patch, and they managed to survive, unlike the other twelve four or 5.5 week old chicks.


Ella continued to raise Mira and Lazi safely in the mobile coop until they were old enough to run around on their own.

Once they were about eight weeks old, I could tell them apart. At least a little bit. They have different combs. They also have different personalities. One is much shyer than the other.

However, I never put a comb and personality to a hen body with 100% certainty, so as they grew up, they became more of a unit–Mira-and-Lazi–than differentiated individuals. By the time that they were almost full grown, I had no clue which was which. And at that point, it seemed silly to try.

So, Mira and Lazi are Mira-and-Lazi or Mira-or-Lazi depending on the circumstance.

In this case, Mira-or-Lazi laid her first egg yesterday. Ron saw Mira-or-Lazi in one of the nest boxes in the morning and a little later there was a nice but small brown egg in the box. Presumably the other will start laying shortly.

The Australorps are big black birds with some pretty green iridescent coloring on their feathers. They should be good layers and they should lay big brown eggs. But the hens always start a little small and slowly.

Given the slow egg production the past two months or so (more on that another time?), we’re glad to see that Mira-or-Lazi has started laying and we look forward to when Mira and Lazi are both laying.

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1 Response to new layer

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Oh how exciting – congratulations to Mira-or-Lazi (and hopefully both soon!!)

    Love you!

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