Yesterday was Thanksgiving. In this era of political uncertainty, hate, and possibly corruption, we are grateful for many things here on the farm.

We are grateful for the sun, which warms the house through its passive solar design and fuels the solar hot water system and solar photovoltaic panels, which have radically reduced our electricity bills and carbon footprint.

We are grateful for ample water–at least most of the time–which allows us to have lush meadow and a big vegetable garden.

We are grateful for the seasonal variability, which means we have pretty falls, snowy winters, refreshing springs, and verdant summers.

We are grateful for compost, which does its miraculous compost thing–making amazing soil out of random piles of weeds, kitchen scraps, leaves, and chicken and sheep straw.

We are grateful for the sheep who are gentle, sweet, friendly, and funny–and they replenish the meadow and expand our compost with their poop.

We are grateful for innovations like electric fencing, which makes shepherding life a lot easier.

We are grateful for the chickens who make delicious eggs (though not so many this time of year), munch on bugs, and poop all over the place.

We are grateful for the vegetable plants that generally grow well from late spring to late fall, although we can’t always count on which species will do best in a given year.

We are grateful for the trees that grow and grow, so we can have ample firewood all winter long.

We are grateful for the native birds who like to eat sunflower seeds and entertain the cats and the humans.

We are grateful for Amable and Biscuit who are sweet kitties who have been with us for a long time, and hopefully they’ll have many more good years with us.

We are grateful that, in this era of craziness and uncertainty, White Pine Farm could probably support us, if we had to rely on it.


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2 Responses to grateful

  1. marilyn says:

    And WE are grateful for YOU! love, marilyn

  2. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Thank you for this lovely post, Sara.

    It’s so good to remember to give thanks – as there is such goodness in the world too.

    Love you so much.

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