I’m still behind on farm blog posts, but here is a short one.

Today we are having the first real snow of the season. We got a skiff of snow in late October, perhaps a half-inch or inch that melted quickly. Although it was 65 F yesterday afternoon (!), we now have four inches of snow on the ground and it’s still snowing (or at least blowing off the trees and shrubs). The sheep are enjoying munching on pine needles, as the snow is weighing down the branches of the pine trees and they can finally reach the lower branches. We still don’t understand how and why pine needles are so yummy, but the sheep think they are.

In other firsts, the three roosters have been “finding their voices” the past week or two. They started crowing, at first sounding like adolescent boys going through their voice change. Apparently this happens to male chickens, too. They’ve gained a little strength and/or confidence in the past week. When I was out in the orchard yesterday in the strangely warm weather, all three took turns crowing while I was watching the chickens run around. It was pretty funny.

The final first, I dumped several loads of compost in the corn and squash patch yesterday afternoon, picking up rocks once the wheelbarrow was empty. While I was out there picking up rocks, one of the roosters tried to mate with Annie, one of the golden comets. Not sure if he was successful or not, but Annie was not very impressed. She definitely couldn’t do much at first, but once the rooster hopped off, she turned around and ran at him. And he ran off.

The roosters are still not full grown, so I doubt they will be impressed by hen protests soon. But they may end up in the soup pot pretty soon anyway.

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