I know I’ve been writing a lot about the sheep lately. I’ll get to other topics on the farm more another time.


As sheep owners, we’ve learned new sheep-related terms. “Crutching” is one of the best ones. (I dare you to look it up!)

We’ve also made up our own words.

Like “sheepify.”

The sheep love to munch on shrubs and bushes of various types–honeysuckle, dogwood, miscellaneous other plants around here.

What’s hilarious is that almost every shrub or bush within their electric fence has been–wait for it–“sheepified.”

Alternative term: sheep bonsai.

In other words, they’ve munched the plant as far as they can reach. Few shrubs have, therefore, any branches or leaves below about four feet tall because that’s how far they can reach, especially when they really lean in or reach up for a tasty leaf that’s just out of reach. If they stretch their necks enough, they might be able to reach said tasty leaf.

If you survey the meadow or forest from some distance like, say, the deck, you realize that all the bushes have been turned into sheep bonsai. The tops are lush, verdant, and reaching every which way. The bottom four feet are, however, neatly trimmed back.

Like I said, sheep bonsai. The shrubs have been sheepified.

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One Response to sheepify

  1. marilyn says:

    Just caught up on some of your blog entries Sara. really enjoyed them and glad you enjoy the sheep as much as I did. (RIP Mary)

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