drought, still

We are still in a drought.


It’s been dry since early May. That means we are pushing three months of drought conditions.


We got 0.75 inches of rain early in the week–about a quarter inch Sunday night and then a whopping half inch Monday afternoon.

And then that was it. Again.


We are so tired of watering.


We can’t water anything enough. Not the vegetable garden or the corn patch or the berries or the two new evergreens or the four new butterfly bushes or my landscaping beds on the south side of the house or the lilacs that we transplanted to just below the east desk now that they are finally bigger than the sticks we got from the soil and conservation district six years ago.


Normally the vegetable garden is lush and verdant this time of year, overflowing with greens and harvests (and, admittedly, weeds). We often harvest three baskets of vegies twice a week. Stuff is growing. Thankfully. But it’s much more modest and slow.


The meadows are dry enough that the sheep are mostly browsing these days on shrubs and bushes, and wandering through the forest where there are tons of weeds and shrubs. They seem fine. They are healthy and happy. And the good part of it is that they are helping us clear out the forest, especially invasive species like rosa multaflora.


But everything is so dry.


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