Ron had read somewhere that Navajo Churro sheep sometimes turn white as they mature. Our sheep are dark brown/black, but they can also be white.

Like the originally-named “Whitey” who was the ram sire of Half Moon.

Cinnamon is the only sheep who was named after her color. Her wool was a lovely red-brown when we got her.

Apparently she is one of the sheep who turns colors as she matures. She was about six months old when we got her around this time last year. Now she’s eighteen months so she’s full-grown.

And she’s mostly white now.

Her under-wool is still dark. Her face is dark. Her tail is dark. Her legs are dark.

But her wool is mostly white.

Therefore, her name makes little sense.

I’ve decided her name could make sense, however, if “Cinnamon” is short for “Cinnamon Roll with Frosting on Top.”

That’s sorta what she looks like.

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