2 months old

Half Moon was two months old on Friday; technically, around 11 o’clock that night.

He gets sweeter, calmer, and more interactive by the day. It’s funny how he looks more and more like a (heading toward adult) sheep, but he’s been so socialized to us, he acts like… I’m not sure what.

Like we’re one of the flock?

But I think we are. There’s the Big Sheep (that’s Ron). And there’s the Blonde Sheep (that would be me).

Here are a few photos from Friday and today.

Here he is on his two-month birthday:


That evening the sheep were hanging out in their sheepie tipi in the forest. The flash went off because it was just dark enough. (That’s why Half Moon has strange blue eyes). You can also see all the burrs in his wool…

Here’s one from earlier today. He really wanted pets today.

7.17.16 1

Although both Ron and I had petted him several times an hour earlier, he immediately jogged over to me (you can see this is an action shot with his left front leg off the ground).

Close followers of Half Moon may notice that he has started getting blonde highlights around his face. It’s really adorable. His wool is turning a lighter color around his ears, horns, forehead, and face. This started about two weeks ago.

You can really see the highlights in the left photo, even the darker little border around his horns!

The right photo is not zoomed. That’s just Half Moon, coming up to me and the camera. Still looking at us straight in the eye.

I don’t know when he has time to get to the salon to get highlights, though.

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