rain, finally

It’s barely rained for the past 2.5 months. We are finally getting some rain.

Some. Finally.

Not enough. But at least it’s something.

The vegetable garden has felt like an uphill battle this year. Some things are doing well. The squash plants are dark green and growing. The basil is happy. We have about sixty Mystery Cruciferous Plants. They are broccoli, cauliflower, and/or brussel sprouts. The tomatoes are doing well. The kale is doing much better than last year, our first year gardening where the kale was lame.

But someone ate the carrot tops of the one row of carrots planted in late May.

Ron discovered a woodchuck hole In The Middle Of The Potatoes.

Mystery solved.

The pepper plants are lackluster. They have some peppers on them, but they (and the plants) are small.

The second round of green beans (haricot verts) didn’t germinate well.

In fact, a lot of stuff didn’t germinate well this year–tomatoes (we have “only” two dozen plants this year), lettuce, mache, spinach, two kinds of parsley, soy beans, peas…

And then there has been the drought.

In a normal year, we rarely need to water the vegetable gaden. Or, if we need to water, it’s the seeds and seedlings when they are germinating or very small. But once they hit a certain size, we can not worry about the watering nearly as much.

Not this year. We’ve had to water basically every single day. And no matter how much we water, it’s really not enough. The seeds could be watered lightly twice per day and all the larger plants would like a lot more water, but given that we needed to water so much–garden, corn patch, berries, garlic and onions, two new trees, four new butterfly bushes–we didn’t really have enough time or energy or patience to water adequately everywhere all the time.

Hopefully, the rain over the past 24 hours–based on our very rough estimate, a half-inch–will be the beginning of a more normal summer. The forecast bodes well. Gradually getting hotter over the next few days and then thunderstorms mid-week. But the weather forecasts haven’t been great this summer to date so we’ll believe it when we see it.

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