a few photos

Let’s start with the happy photos.

Half Moon on the summer solstice (June 21).

And Half Moon yesterday–seven weeks old (!).

7.3.16 057

Just in case you need a reminder, here he is at (almost) three days old.

5.18.16 7pm 034

I love how he looks at me and the camera with the same intense, focused look.

Since it’s hard to see scale, I took this photo of five sheep behinds yesterday evening (L to R (I think): Spot; Half Moon; June Bug; Tatanka; and Cinnamon).

7.3.16 056

As you can see, Half Moon is getting big!

And now–sniff–the sadder photos. Four photos of Ella and her two surviving chicks, Mira (Miracle) and Lazi (Lazarus), from later in the day on that Terrible Tuesday Tragedy (also on the summer solstice).

Mira and Lazi are growing up to be beautiful little birds–we think hens. They are, however, very shy and skittish since they are not getting much interaction. I don’t have any more recent photos of them.

Another day.

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