In terms of the weather, it’s been a somewhat unusual May and June–except for the fact that there’s always something unusual with the weather. That said, it’s been a very dry late spring and early summer.

Ron looked at the annual precipitation to date and apparently we’re about 2.75 inches below normal. We had a lot of precipitation in February, but we’ve had very little in May and June. And no rain is forecast for the next ten days.

It’s pretty rare that the meadow starts to brown up, even in July and August. Or perhaps especially July and August. Because we tend to get semi-regular thunderstorms in the heat of the summer, they usually bring plenty of rain to keep the meadows (and lawns) a vibrant green all summer long.

Not this year.

Everything is drying up–lawns, meadows, landscaping, gardens… We’ve had to water much more this year–vegetable garden, garlic patch, corn patch, new berry plants, landscaping beds. But even decent deep watering isn’t the same as our usual summer precipitation.

For the moment, the meadow grasses aren’t growing. They are starting to turn yellow and brown. The sheep have plenty to eat, even if it’s drier grasses. After all, they eat hay all winter long. But one way we can tell it’s much drier is that the sheep are drinking a lot more water. When they are eating rich green grass, they barely drink any water. They stay plenty hydrated through the water content in the grass. However, this summer they are going through a lot more water.

And even their poops look more like hay-based, winter-like lumps than usual summer poop!

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