pesky little “brother”

Ron reports that Half Moon has become a real pest.

An adorable, cute, sweet, handsome pest.

But a pest nonetheless.

Apparently he has decided to play with, annoy, and/or pester Spot the most. The verb choice depends on whose perspective you take. “Playing” is Half Moon’s perspective. “Annoying” and “pestering” are very much Spot’s outlook. Before I left, Half Moon was playing with and/or annoying everyone, but it sounds like he is now directing most of his (irritating) games at Spot.

Because she is the smallest sheep despite being 6 months younger than June Bug?

Because I’ve gone and he has no human to play with?

Because he’s already a rebellious teenage sheep?

Not sure.

At any rate, one thing is sure: Spot is irritated. She alternates between putting up with Half Moon’s antics and running off, trying to get away from him. Which, of course, does not work.

I really wish I could see this. Ron said that it’s really funny to watch them interact. Spot is so obviously annoyed. And Half Moon is obviously having so much fun.


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2 Responses to pesky little “brother”

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    I love this story!! I can just picture it all! Poor poor Spot.

    [Lethbridge College]Lisa Kozleski
    Senior writer and editor
    Lethbridge College
    403-320-3202 X5778

  2. marylecain says:

    “Kinda” late but I loved this post, I can just see Ron laughing at Halfmoonlittle brother!

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