new game

Half Moon started a new game last night, building off the earlier jog over, bunk, get pets routine.

I squatted down, called to him, and stuck out my hand wiggling my fingers.

He ran over, stopped about a foot away, did some bunking and petting, and then scooted off again, either to Brownie or between Sheep-Mom and me.


A few times Half Moon was half-way across the mini-enclosure (perhaps 50 feet away?) and he ran, ran, ran full speed towards me before coming to a standstill. Clearly he trusted me to run up so close so fast.

We played this game about a half-dozen times. He was panting a little after a few rounds. After all, he was really running.

Half Moon thought this was a pretty fun game and we thought it was pretty cute. He’s a lamb, but it was strangely dog-like behavior.

Needless to say, Half Moon is doing a very good job earning himself a ‘pass’ towards becoming a permanent member of our flock.

Here are a few photos from this morning while it was drizzling. I love how you can see the emergent curl in his wool.

5.22.16 012

And two cute photos of Half Moon and Brownie.

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