nibbly, bouncy, bunky

We are having a wonderful time watching and interacting with Half Moon.

He is so cute.

It’s been fascinating watching him go through his little sheepy developmental milestones in these first 5.5 days (!). Every twelve hours or so, we notice something a little different.

He was born around 11pm Sunday night.

All-day Monday Brownie was keeping him very close. She kept him near her all day. She also kept them near the edge of the meadow. They moved around some, but it was always near where the forest and meadow meet. And Half Moon wobbled around for much of the day.

Tuesday we noticed that Brownie was starting to take him out into the open meadow more, but she kept him close and they tended to stay in the lower meadow.

Wednesday, they wandered all over the current sheep pasture on the eastern half of the property–in the lower meadow, under the pine trees, in the upper half. And Brownie let Half Moon get farther away from her.

Wednesday was also when A–the person from whom we bought the sheep last summer–came over to help Ron dock Half Moon’s tail. She suggested that we put Brownie and Half Moon in a smaller, mini-pasture within the large enclosure. Based on her experience, we would be able to interact with them more if they were in a smaller enclosure. Ron set up a non-electrified fence in the northeast corner of the property and got both of them in there by the end of the day.

And I managed to nab and hold him. 🙂 🙂 🙂

On Thursday, Half Moon definitely started wandering farther away from Brownie, albeit within the mini-enclosure. He seemed pretty curious about us, but Brownie often ran interference or baa’ed at him, which seemed to undermine his confidence. However, he did come up to me around dusk Thursday evening, I reached out my hand, he sniffed it, and then he started nibbling on my fingers. 🙂 🙂 🙂 He’s been smelling and nibbling on all sorts of grasses and plants in the pasture, so guess he was doing the same with me.

On Friday, Half Moon started ignoring Brownie more. He’s been bouncing and doing silly lamb runs hither and thither from almost day 1 (once he was no longer so wobbly), but they became even sillier. Half Moon also started a new game. He’s bounce/run over to me within a foot or two where I was squatted down, I’d slowly stick out my hand, and then he would back up and head butt my hand with his noggin. We did this nine times Friday evening (yes, I counted!). At first, he barely put up with some quick, sneaky pets-scratches on his forehead as he did several head butts before dashing off. But gradually he slowed down a bit and seemed to enjoy the scritches a bit more.

Now today is Saturday, and Half Moon seems even more comfortable and friendly with us. He bounced up to me this afternoon, I stuck out my hand, he butted into my hand and stopped. I scratched him on the head. Because he wasn’t going anywhere, I kept petting his head, ears, nose, under his chin, and he walked a little closer to me. At that point, I even got to pet his neck and back a bit.

Meanwhile, Brownie was watching and stomping her foot (a warning signal). Half Moon totally ignored her. Finally, after some genuine pets, he wandered off.

Like I said, he’s so cute.

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3 Responses to nibbly, bouncy, bunky

  1. Sara says:

    Hi Mary, The last few posts have had photos!

  2. marylecain says:

    Maybe I missed them. I will look!

  3. marylecain says:

    saw the photos Sara the are soooo cute!

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