cute overload

Alas, Pippi didn’t make it. Last time I wrote was Tuesday, May 3rd. She died that night or early Wednesday morning.

Poor Pippi.

The farm definitely reminds us of the over-used phrase, “the cycle of life.” However, it is true.

While Pippi died mysteriously, new chick(en)s were on the horizon. I haven’t had time (yet again) to write the back story, but Caroline had been sitting on eight fertile (maybe) eggs for two weeks when Pippi died.

On Wednesday, a few days ago and one week after Pippi died, we got a happy, not-complete-surprise. Chicks started hatching!

Ron and I noticed Caroline wiggling on her nest and looking a bit confused the day before. Since Wednesday was day #21 (and chicks usually hatch in three weeks), we thought she might be feeling chicks move around and possibly start hatching the day before.

Sure enough, I had to go to work early Wednesday morning, but Ron emailed me at work: three chicks!!! (That deserves three exclamation points.)

5.11.16 020

Here is one of the chicks on Wednesday, peeking out of the nest next to Caroline (yes, that is a plastic litter box).

More photos! L photo is of three of the chicks Thursday morning. More had hatched by then, but here are three of them with Caroline (and their food) in the sunshine. R photo shows Caroline leading them down the ramp from their house, nicknamed “Caroline’s reprieve” (more on the name later–IF I remember). I think six of the chicks are visible here.

And more cuteness!!

These photos are from today (Sunday). L photo shows all seven chicks with Caroline outside eating their chick food. It’s a bit hard to count their fluffy, wiggly bodies. Caroline is a small chicken so perhaps you can get a sense of scale. The chicks are little. Close-up shot on the R shows their coloring a bit more–and chick food “dust” on their heads and bodies. More cuteness!

But wait! Still more cuteness! I managed to get all seven of them in this L shot at the top of the ramp to Caroline’s reprieve. The chickie on the far right is heading down the ramp (butt only). And I love the photo on the R, the close-up of three of them with three more in the background. They are such beautiful little chickens.

That reminds me. The chicks are Australorps. (Woo hoo! I made my first link!?) I’ll explain how we ended up with these eggs (and this breed) another time (again, IF I remember). They will grow up to be beautiful black chickens. We haven’t had any all-black hens yet, but the chickies are the adorable yellow and black that you see here. Their chests and butts are yellow. When you see them from behind, it looks like they are wearing yellow diapers because they have fluffy yellow bums! Cute!

One last photo:

5.15.16 036

Here you can see the chickies crawling under Caroline, one in process with yellow bum (and feet) hanging out, plus another set of little chickie legs to her left, and one more chickie to go.


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