schlepping season

It’s been over a month since I posted an entry on the blog.

Welcome to spring in academia–and the garden.

There is,  as one of our local NPR hosts says, “a lot to talk about.” The first robins and red-winged black birds, a raven pair, maple syrup, the return of spring eggs, seedlings, leftover wood, funny sheep stories, and much more. However, there is too little time and I’m always sad that I don’t get to mark all the firsts on the blog so I can compare some events–like the return of the robins–from year to year.

We spent a “business day”–9am to 5pm–working on the farm today. It’s amazing how much two motivated, healthy, able-bodied adults can do.

Ron spent several hours rototilling the corn/squash patch and the new berry bed. It takes a lot of passes to turn over sod. As usual, the chickens were helping. Or “helping” as the case may be. It is still a mystery to me why they are so okay with the rototiller–this loud, big machine. Guess all those worms and bugs are worth it.

Meanwhile, I was in full schlepping mode. And my legs already feel it.

I started using a fitbit several months ago so it’s interesting to see how far I walk when doing farm work. Today it was over 10K steps by high noon and over 20,500 steps by 5pm (!). That’s almost 9 miles of walking around our property alone (!).

What on earth was I doing? Many things, but today’s theme was schlepp-o-rama:

  • 4 Sara wheelbarrows (not to be confused with Ron wheelbarrows) of rocks collected from the garden, corn/squash patch, and lawn up the driveway to fill in the sides;
  • 1 wheelbarrow of poopy chicken straw into the compost bins;
  • 2 wheelbarrows of leaves from the woods into the compost bins;
  • 4 5-gallon buckets (only 2/3 full) of sheep poop that was concentrated in high traffic zones like near the water trough or sheep shack into the compost bins;
  • 3 heaping wheelbarrows of pine needle/sheep poop mulch that had been piled under the pine trees since late fall (I started an acidic compost bin for the blueberry bushes);
  • 3 heaping wheelbarrows of forest leaves/compost mix that had been decomposing in the forest for several years, Ron dumped it outside the fence of the corn/squash patch, and then I schlepped it around the garden and into the new berry bed (the chickens loved it);
  • 2 wheelbarrows of sticks and random wood bits that went into bonfire pit.

I think that’s it.

Happy spring!




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One Response to schlepping season

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Happy spring to you both, and thanks for the schlepping update! So glad to read what is happening on the farm.

    Lots of love to you, dear friend.

    [Lethbridge College]Lisa Kozleski
    Senior writer and editor
    Lethbridge College
    403-320-3202 X5778

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