funny sheep

Winter is here. As in, really here. It’s about 2 degrees F right now with expected wind chill of -25 tonight.


The sheep may have thick wool coats and be a hardy breed, but even they aren’t too thrilled.

Cinnamon poked her head out of the sheep shack this morning–her typical thing. And she quickly disappeared back inside.

We headed out to the garage to do some errands later this morning. Cinnamon was standing near the door of the shack. She saw us, baaed, and came out, followed by two other sheep. I went into the garage. Ron came out of the house. The rest of the sheep came out of their shack. But then all of them ran back into the shack.

I swear the cartoon bubbles over their heads said, “Please make this cold go away! It’s too cold, even for us!!”

After our errands, I went out in full winter gear to say hello and “check” on them. (Not sure what I would or could do. Checking on them is mostly about saying hello…)

They came out. I decided to get them some corn. The sun was out so they didn’t seem so bothered, especially when corn is involved. I walked into the sheep shack to get them out of the cold. They usually don’t like being in there with us–too cramped, too hard to run away. Except for Spot, of course, who seems oblivious to many sheep things.

Apparently, I was not as scary when severe cold and wind are out there. The seven of us hung out in the shack for a while. Although the shack door faces north/northwest, which is *exactly* where winter storms blow from, the shack is definitely more protected and warmer than being outside. I scritched Spot, Cinnamon, and Tagine. Tatanka was a little more nervous than usual. Brownie and June Bug cautiously watched with big brown eyes (classic Brownie and June Bug behavior).

Tagine was especially friendly. He seemed quite happy getting the snow and ice brushed off his face and coat, and he likes scritches on the muzzle, particularly under the chin.

The sheep will have to put up with this cold winter weather for a while longer. It’s supposed to be -25 with wind chill tonight and pretty cold for the next few days.

Party in the sheep shack…

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2 Responses to funny sheep

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Poor chilly sheep (and you!). Hope you all stay warm! xoxo

    [Lethbridge College]Lisa Kozleski
    Senior writer and editor
    Lethbridge College
    403-320-3202 X5778

  2. clecain says:

    Carina says that the groundhog was wrong about spring coming soon!

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