snooty spot?

Spot the sheep is a funny one.

Maybe it comes with the name. Spot the sheet versus Spot the dog.

On the one hand, she’s been the friendliest, sweetest, most agreeable sheep of our flock of six from the get-go. A, who sold her to us, told us that she was friendly and sweet even as a “teeny tiny lamb.” How cute is that.

Spot startles much less easily than the other sheep (often she gives us looks as the other sheep run off, “why are they running over there???”), she likes pets, she likes scratches and scritches, she likes snuggles, she tends to lean on us.

On the other hand, she has her moods.

At times she’s been incredibly silly–friendly silly. A few weeks ago, I brought corn out to the sheep and was hand feeding them. Spot was hilarious. She ran inside the sheep shack. She ran back to me. She ran back inside the sheep shack. She really looked at me–like, why don’t you feed me corn in here!! And she ran back to me. This went on several times until, of course, I walked into the sheep shack and fed her corn.

(Spot) mission accomplished!

Spot is also calmest in the sheep shack with us. Because it’s an enclosed space, most of the other sheep are extra skittish. It’s harder to run away if they get startled so they don’t really like being in the sheep shack with us.

Not Spot.

She’s pretty much indifferent to whether or not we are in the sheep shack. In fact, part of me wonders if she realizes that it’s an advantage for her to be so calm in the shack. Did she run back/forth between the shack and me because she realized that she would get all the corn if I came into the sheep shack because none of the other sheep would?

I wouldn’t put it past her.

On the other hand, Spot has her less silly and/or savvy moods. She’s been snooty to me a number of times over the past few months. She doesn’t want pets. She doesn’t want to be scritched. She’ll actually walk away, even run away, from me.


In some ways, Cinnamon and Tagine have been more reliably friendly–with me at least–than Spot in recent weeks. I have no idea why.

Perhaps she’s moody. Is she going through sheep puberty?

Perhaps she’s offended that I pet Cinnamon and Tagine. She seems especially irritated by winter gloves that have sheep smells (and not her sheep smells…). More often than not lately, reaching out a hand to let her sniff and then pet her leads to her walking away. However, I’ve often petted Cinnamon and Tagine just before.

I’ve joked with Ron that Spot is now his buddy. She seems to be more interactive with him than me these days.

I felt a little better this weekend when she was snooty Spot with him.

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