too optimistic

I was too optimistic about egg production this winter.

The Golden Comets–Annie, Emma, and White Tail–were supposed to see us through winter. Annie and Emma are doing their jobs. They each lay an egg most days. White Tail is still on egg-laying hiatus since The Great Hawk Attack of 2015.

As Ron says, maybe she thinks she doesn’t want to bring a little chickie into the world given those scary hawks out there…


Beaker and Cleo had started laying in late December, an egg every 3-4 days. Great!

And then they stopped again. Boo!

Consequently, we’ve been buying a dozen eggs at our coop each week for over a month now. Less than last year, but still.

Cleo laid an egg today, the first in a number of weeks. We keep thinking the rest of them will turn the corner any minute, especially now that we’re a full month past the solstice. White Tail’s feathers are all in again and it’s now been over two months since the hawk attack. She should be laying. Then there’s Daisy, Ella, Caroline, Pippi, and Nony who have been entirely egg MIA for several months now.

Ron has started to make bad jokes about making a chicken hot tub for the hens.

As in the stock pot.

The first two cohorts of chickens definitely have this winter, spring, and summer ahead of them, but those difficult farm choices aren’t too far around the corner.

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1 Response to too optimistic

  1. Marilyn says:

    French chicks like to take a holiday around Christmas time. I guess that’s part of their 6 week break!! No eggs at all!

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