our little quasi-cannibals

Ron made turkey soup out of the Christmas turkey this morning. We already had it for lunch.


We’ve learned that the chickens love meat and will happily clean any bones we give them.

Ron had some bones, skin, gristle, and other bits he didn’t want to pick through any more after making the broth so he brought them to the chickens. We think this is the first time we’ve given them fellow poultry bones. We’ve certainly never given them chicken bones (ew! gross!), but we don’t think we’ve given them turkey bones before.

Any qualms we may have are not shared by the chickens. They devoured the bits within a few minutes. And any meat incites a riot. It’s riotously funny to watch, but it’s also a literal riot. The chickens go pretty much nuts when any meat is involved. They dive, nab, steal, squabble, and do almost anything to get the good stuff.

So, they had turkey meat earlier today. It’s not quite the same as chicken bits, but it still seems like it’s quasi-cannibalism.

Nature’s weird.

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