cinnamon bear

Cinnamon is channeling her inner circus bear. The past few days she’s been standing up on her hind legs, balancing for a precious few seconds, and munching on pine needles from the lower branches.

Odd, blech, and–most of all–very funny.

We don’t know how she figured out green pine needles are tasty, but she’s definitely figured out how to reach a few lower branches. She stands up (which is a considerable heave-ho given that she’s a big girl so she has to get her weight over her back legs, at least temporarily), either hops in place or takes a few steps, nipping off some green needles while she’s precariously balanced on her hind legs, and then plunks down again.

She’s done this several dozen times over the past few days and every time makes me laugh. We hope to get a photo of her doing this, but it’d have to be a precise take since it happens so quickly.

[And as I type this, Cinnamon is doing her circus bear/pine needle routine again…]

Brownie has copied Cinnamon a bit, but has opted for an alternative approach: putting her front hooves on Cinnamon’s back and reaching the branches that way. Cinnamon is clearly not a huge fan.

Tagine, alas, showed a lack of a few brain cells when he stood beneath some branches, looked up longingly, but couldn’t figure out how to reach them. Handsome boy, maybe not so smart.

Ron played “make the sheep do funny things” by pulling down a branch with his hand and calling to the sheep. They all ran over there and started munching.

Green pine needles seem fibrous, bitter, and sappy to me, but apparently the sheep like them.

Or maybe Cinnamon likes pretending that she’s a bear in the circus.

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