we interrupt this programming

…to bring you adventures with sheep. As in, they got out at some point between last night and this morning.

It could have been 15 minutes after we went to bed last night. Or 15 minutes before we got up this morning. But they were wandering around outside their fence when we got up. Not good.

Nothing like sheep herding before having a cup of tea or coffee.

Fortunately, they are sweet beasts, friendly, and pretty cooperative, especially when corn is involved.

They hung around the front porch (quite cute, really), munched some grass in the dusting of snow that persists. I hung out with them, scritched Tagine’s very wet head (which makes us think they were locked out of the sheep shack for at least some time given how wet they were). Meanwhile, Ron unplugged the fence, opened one part, got the Magic Silver Tray Of Corn, and then they ran after him into the fence. I shut the fence and voila! Sheep adventures over!

It’s partly due to freeze/thaw. We’re in a warm-up spell so the mobile fence posts move around in the soil a bit. But the suspect fence section was near the honeysuckle bush. We moved the fence on the other side of the bush to have them help clear out beneath the bushes. They have gotten into a lot of sticks and brambles lately, walking around with blackberries or goldenrod or rosa multaflora or other sticks stuck to their coats. I hypothesize that someone(s) was munching in the honeysuckle, got a stick caught in the fence, got freaked out, yanked on it and/or otherwise moved suddenly, and pulled the netting down from the post. It was still there, but only a foot off the ground. Apparently all the sheep hopped the still-electrified fence and then did a loop around the house.

But all’s well that end’s well. They are back in their fence, munching on hay in the sheep shack, still soggy from their adventure, and smelling like wet wool.

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