give us today our daily corn

There are so many sheep and chicken and garden and land and other stories to tell. And there has been so little time.


But here is one.

The sheep continue to be funny, sweet, and entertaining. And they are becoming more assertive. Especially Cinnamon.

Cinnamon has decided that humans outside must mean that it’s time for treats. It doesn’t matter if she got treats a half hour ago. Or if the humans have been in and out for various chores and activities during much of the day.

No, any time is treat time.

She–and the sheep more generally–have concluded that mid- to late afternoon is definitely corn time.

Since the weather has gotten cooler, Ron generally gives them a few cups of corn–alas, El Cheapo, non-organic, Big Ag, a zillion pounds for a few bucks corn–each day. It’s calorie and nutrient dense. And, more importantly, it’s yummy (apparently).

If Ron hasn’t given them “their” corn by mid-afternoon, they start hanging out by the fence on the path between the house and garage. If either of us go out of the house for any reason–to leave, to check the mail, to check on the chickens, to go in the garage, to dump the compost, whatever–the sheep can see us. And they can “helpfully” remind us that it’s corn time. And Cinnamon is especially insistent.

Clearly, this corn routine has created little sheep monsters. Sweet, funny, very fuzzy monsters.

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