LVB eggs

The Golden Comet news has gotten trumped the past week or so due to the arrival of the sheep. Poor Annie, Emma, and White Tail.

About a week ago, a little, very brown egg (LVB egg) showed up in one of the nest boxes. At first I thought one of the other hens laid an unusually dark egg. Then we realized that one of the new birds must have started laying–early.

The Golden Comets are a hybrid chicken. They are not a heritage breed. They’ve been bred to be hyper-regular layers. The adage is something like eggs 364 days a year. We’re hoping that they are more regular layers during the winter months when the rest of the hens mostly close up shop and go on vacation–at least metaphorically speaking. Meanwhile, we still have to feed and take care of them.

With the past three sets of trios, they’ve all started laying around Christmas or New Year’s. And they’ve all been born roughly March to May. The Golden Comets were also born in early March, but they’ve started laying three to five months earlier than the rest of the hens.

As of today, two of the three are laying–definitely Emma (also known as the goose chicken for her silly honk and nasal-y chatter), we’re still not sure about the other bird, although I suspect it’s White Tail. With two of the three Comets laying and Daisy, Ella, and Caroline no longer broody (again), we’ve had a lot of eggs lately: 10 on Saturday and 9 Sunday.

Fortunately, we have a new fridge so we have more room to store the eggs. We’re stockpiling them a bit since the hens usually start slowing down in early to mid-fall.

And farm eggs are so, so precious.

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  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Oh yum!!! How exciting!!!

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