goldfinches and catnip

I have a looming deadline (hence the radio–blog??–silence), but goldfinches in the catnip plants this morning are reminding me to write about, well, goldfinches in the catnip.

I planted some catnip in the garden of our old house.  Baby catnip plants kept coming up.  I kept some, pulled most, and transplanted a few to a “nursery bed” outside the garden when we were shifting from living in the old house to the garage to the eventual new house.  The catnip plants in that nursery bed got really big–and they made still more baby catnip plants.

Once the house was (almost) finished and we started a few landscaping beds on the south side of the house last summer, I transplanted said catnip plants to the new beds.  Those plants have really taken off this year, now that they are at least three years old.  I planted three of them together and they’ve turned into quite a catnip shrub this year.

I was thinking about transplanting two of the catnip plants later this season because the catnip blob has gotten a little too big for my gardening aesthetic.

However, turns out that the goldfinches love the catnip plants and have been picking seeds–or something–out of the plants the past few weeks as the flowers have started to get past their peak.  There’s a goldfinch couple–a bright yellow boy and a more subdued girl–out there right now and they are happily munching the little seeds.  (At least I assume there are seeds.  I haven’t thought about catnip plants before as bird food–only as kitty toy–so I supposed I should go out and investigate what exactly they are eating.  However, see looming grant deadline.)

At any rate, now I’m rethinking transplanting two of the three catnip plants because the goldfinches are clearly quite pleased with the current scenario.  And seeing them flutter around and awkwardly sit on the relatively small catnip plant branches pleases me.  So maybe we’ll leave things as is.

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