nature’s fireworks

The fireflies are back!

We’ve had a few for several weeks now, but not many blinky bugs.  That changed a few days ago.  It’s been getting warmer and more humid this week.  All of a sudden, the fireflies were back en masse.

Because I’m an early riser and early to-bedder, I never get to watch them as much as I would like.  It is really amazing to look out into the meadow and see all these flashing, blinking lights moving here and there, from near the ground up to about twenty feet in the air.  Sometimes you can watch one firefly move from one place to another–a bit like nature’s airplane moving through the air.  But instead of red lights flashing as the plane approaches the runway, white-yellow light flashing.

I should really take advantage of nature’s fireworks.  I’m always sorry to see them fade as summer goes on.

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One Response to nature’s fireworks

  1. Lisa says:

    I love love love fireflies. We never really had them in WP but were treated to them every year in Philadelphia. Lethbridge, too, is lacking… I don’t think my kids have ever seen them?!?! Thanks for posting this!

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