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It’s full steam ahead farm time–and it will be until Labor Day (more or less).  It’s definitely the busy season in farm-land.

If we were to truly maximize farm production, I suspect that we could both work full-time April through October.  (That sounds like a great idea…)  But since that’s, alas, not a possibility, a lot gets done on weekends and evenings around here on top of Ron’s efforts during the week.  It’s also amazing how much we can plow through (sometimes literally) when we’re both working on various farm projects.

Like during most weekends, including much of this weekend.

Yesterday we moved most of the recently delivered bark pile–approximately five cubic yards to restock established walkways here and there and add a few new ones.  Plus I moved rocks out of the corn/squash patch and raked up poopy chicken straw for the compost (again).  We also did some weeding in the garden.

This morning we finished moving the last of the bark pile and raked out that area.  It will be our designated bark zone.  We also moved some of the, um, special landscaping compost (ahem) out of the woods and spread it out in a dead zone near the bark zone.  We had had a full dump truck of compost delivered and dumped there… er, last year?  The year before?  But now that area is too compacted and has started eroding so not even weeds will grow there.  Out came the rototiller and the landscaping compost to restore that area.

Plus I had bought Northeast wildflower mix a few years ago from Fedco where we get most of our vegetable seeds.  I had had visions of fostering extra wildflowers throughout the meadows… [insert Sound of Music song here?] and completely forgot about the fact that we have to mow most of the meadow at least periodically and/or have the sheep graze there in order to keep down the spotted knapweed.  So I’ve been sitting on those seeds for several years now, not sure where I was going to plant them.  Ron suggested reseeding the dead former compost zone (sounds like an oxymoron) with the wildflower seeds.  Hence, the schlepping and rototilling, followed by scattering seed and raking them in.

There’s also a little patch on the south side of the garage where its mudroom meets the garage.  It was mostly weeds, but I decided to plant some of the wildflower seed mix there, too.  More rocks and weeds out, more landscaping compost in, more scattering and raking seed.

But along the way during all of these projects (and more), there are many little farm stories.  Like:

  • Hawkeye and the cherry (!)
  • Little Girls growing up
  • The noisy finch family
  • First kale of the year!
  • First real spring harvest: radishes, arugula, lettuce, spinach, and kale
  • The a-ma-zing southern landscaping beds
  • Our first big round of egg sales
  • Garlic, garlic, garlic
  • An ideal germination year
  • Farm exercise
  • And more!
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