feels like a farm

Once again there are (too) many things to write about–bark, bees, seedlings, indigo buntings, wood use, and much more. Instead, I’ll just write and say that it is really starting to feel like a (little) farm.

I had this distinct impression a week or two ago when spring gardening and landscaping suddenly took off.  We had such a long, cold winter.  Then, boom!  Spring was here!  And we had a strange heat spell that felt more like July than early May.

But as I was walking from one task to another (or more like, sixteenth task amid the possible hundred and fifty to undertake…) a week or so ago, I had this distinct impression: it is really starting to feel like a farm.

Year #1 was putting up the fence and putting in the orchard.

Year #2 was putting in another fence around the garden and planting that year for the first time.

Next couple of years: continuing gardening and some invasive species management, but intensive planning of garage and house–from finalizing design and identifying contractors to finances and more.

Year before last was a very long fifteen months of building the garage, followed by a brief summer reprieve, and then diving into the house construction.  We moved in last July.  Then mostly collapse after that.

But now that the fences are up, the orchard is in, the garden is well tilled, the garage exists, and the house is mostly done, there are fewer Major Projects to undertake.

Granted, there are many, many tasks to be finished in the house.  And the garden/landscaping/animals/garage projects are basically endless.  No doubt, both of us could work full time April through October on the land.  Alas, that’s not possible.

But many of the projects are more in maintenance mode.  True, the berry plot isn’t done.  The landscaping around the house isn’t even close to finished.  I’d like to get the gravel driveway in better shape.  And I could go on and on.  However, many more “jobs” are maintenance–weeding, compost turning, adding some plants, moving rocks, tweaking some things, but a lot of the good structural bones are there.

So, instead of trying to create a small sustainable farm, we’ve done that.  Now it’s about farming.

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One Response to feels like a farm

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    I love this post and this sense of accomplishment!! So exciting. I bet it is beautiful.

    Lisa Kozleski

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