new things

Spring moves so quickly and brings so many new things daily, even hourly.

Yesterday Ms. Fox made a brief appearance in the morning.  I didn’t see her until she was in the middle of the lower meadow.  Not sure how long she was there, but she wandered along the electric fence for the (future) sheep, looked through the fence at one point (“why is this here??”), and then jogged back down into the woods.  The crows were going nuts.  As Ron said, we should start paying attention when the crows start going nuts.  They are warning each other about something, so it’s worth seeing what.

Also yesterday morning we saw an indigo bunting.  It’s fairly rare around here so we don’t see them very frequently.  I think we saw one a couple of times last year.  They are extraordinarily beautiful little birds that are bright blue-teal.  It was in the honeysuckle.  Yet another reason not to cut down that large bush.

In addition, they’re baaa-ck.  The sheep, that is.  I came home from work and there were five sheep in the side meadow on the east side.  We weren’t sure how long it was going to take for our Sheep Lady to bring the sheep.  She has a lot of projects and works solo so good intentions often get considerably delayed.  But she brought five male sheep in three batches yesterday afternoon.  We don’t know who they are.  We are pretty sure Richard is in the bunch (he spent the most time with us last year).  Not sure if Vincent, James, and Long John are here, too.  We need to ask the Sheep Lady next time she’s here.  Hooray for natural mowers!  And they’ve been pretty cute, laying in a big sheep pile by the fence near the house and garage.

Lastly, the chickies spent all of yesterday (we think) in the coop.  I was a little worried about them.  Why were they in the coop?  Too traumatized from the thunderstorms the day before?  [guilt, guilt]  Fortunately, they did leave the coop this morning and are wandering around in a sub-flock of three.  I can see them from my office now, in a patch of grass near the coop.  I went out to check on them after breakfast.  They wandered up to me almost immediately.  I crouched down and talked to them.  It was pretty adorable because they came right up to me, their little faces a few inches from mine, peeping and looking right at me, even Emma and White Tail who are less social than Annie.  They seem to be doing fine, although Daisy and Ella are being, well, not very nice, shall we say.  Mostly the disciplining is gentle, but Ella got a bee in her bonnet (hmm, not sure what the chicken metaphor would be here), marched over to the three chicks, and proceeded to peck Annie’s back with more intensity than usual.  Annie squawked and flailed–and ran off along with the other two.  Ella pulled out more feathers than usual.  Guess she feels the need to make sure her Daisy’s wingman [winghen?] status is perfectly clear.

And there are other new things.  A pileated woodpecker who was pecking at a downed log 50 feet from the edge of the house this past weekend.  We might be selling eggs to a neighbor.  We bought some berry plants to put in the new fenced garden that Ron added to the garden-orchard unit.  The garden desperately needs weeding.  The local plant sale is this Saturday…  And, and, and.

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2 Responses to new things

  1. Lisa says:

    I love all of these signs of spring, Sara… and can just picture that pile of sheep sleeping so cozily in the sun.

    How many eggs are your chickens laying? Did they slow down over the winter? I don’t think there’s been an eggs update in a while but I may have missed it… but would love to know how that end is working out now that sunshine has returned to Ithaca…

    Lots of love from all of us to all of you.

  2. marylecain says:

    Sara, thank you so much for sharing ,through your eyes, all the wonderful treasures as you wander around your farm. I found a picture of an Indigo Bunting,it is a beautiful bird. I would love to look out my window and see a fox or all the other wonderful treasures on The White Pine Farm. 🙂

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