introducing…, II

She has a name.


We spent a little time hanging out with the chickies last night.  Annie and White Tail are set.  But the third one…  After brainstorming some more names–Peepy? because she’s very peepy…–Ron said, “what about Emma?”

Emme would be a little more Ithaca-ish because “Emme’s organics” is a local company that makes various healthy snacks, but Emma has stuck.  So, Emma she is.

After we rushed the big chickens to bed, we let the three little girls out in the orchard for a few minutes after four days in the mobile coop.  They were so adorable.  Really looking, watching…  Hanging close to each other, but when one got too far away, she’d rush back to the other two.

Photos.  Posted.  Soon.

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One Response to introducing…, II

  1. Lisa says:

    Welcome little Emma! Can’t wait to see you!

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