… three new chicks!

We picked them up Sunday afternoon and I didn’t take any photos until after work tonight.  Tells you what kind of week I’m having…

All three are Golden Comets.  It’s not a heritage breed, but a hybrid.  They are supposed to be nice chickens with nice personalities who are extremely good layers, including during the winter.  The saying is that they will lay 364 days out of the year…  We chose them because we hope they will get us through winter without purchasing eggs, or at least purchasing minimal eggs.

They are a very nice orange-brown/brown-orange color.  They have some white feathers, but apparently these are under-feathers that won’t appear much as their adult feathers come in.  The challenge is that they have less variation in coloring so they are harder to tell apart than the rest of the chickens.  That said, when we got the dominiques, they supposedly looked identical, but we could tell them apart pretty quickly because Nony has a rose comb and Pippi was always much smaller.  I suspect that the three Golden Comets will also be differentiated, at least to us.

The naming game continues.  We thought about plays on “golden” and “comet.”

Golden, Goldie are obvious ones.  I thought of Golda (as in Meir) to be slightly different.

Comet.  Huh.  Ron was clever and came up with “Dasher and Dancer, Comet and Vixen…”  We thought about Dasher, Dancer, and Comet for the three.  That would be cute.

Dancer was particularly appealing because one of the little girls has a white tail that dances and quivers and wiggles–constantly!!  It’s super cute.  I don’t know how her tail can be so wiggly so much of the time.  It seems to have a mind of its own.

But given that she has a white tail, Ron suggested, er, White Tail.  There’s something nice about the names Hawkeye and White Tail.  A certain parallelism of format and sound.  And White Tail has stuck.  Of course, she is probably going to lose her white tail so her name may no longer make sense.  But Cleo lost her heavy-duty eyeliner so Cleo(patra) doesn’t make much sense for her either.

One of the little girls is a bit lighter orange-brown.  She’s also very inquisitive and quiet–she really looks at you.  For some reason Annie came to mind.  Little orphan Annie with red hair.  Also Anne of Green Gables.  Annie has also stuck.

Now we’re up to Annie and White Tail.  And that leaves… well, the poor little third bird who doesn’t have a name yet.

She doesn’t have striking characteristics–she’s not lighter, she doesn’t have a white tail.  I named Nony–short for anonymous–after naming Heidi and Pippi.  But we can’t have another Nony.

Ron recommended Lisa after our biggest commenter on the blog.  (Hi, Lisa!  🙂 !!).  NO!  We can’t name our chicken Lisa…

The third chickie seems to hang out between Annie and White Tail a lot.  Ron came up with “Comma,” because she’s between the other two.  That cracks me up.  It also sounds a bit like comet.  Comma, comet…

Tonight I came up with Forsythe, short for the choreographer William Forsythe, who has a piece, “In the middle, somewhat elevated.”  Talk about obscure and academic.  I kinda like it.  Ron’s not so sure.

So, I guess I will start our first chicken naming contest.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  Of course, a photo of the little birds would help.  Took a few tonight, haven’t managed to download them yet.

Soon.  Really.

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One Response to introducing…

  1. Rebecca says:

    Since there are 3 chicks, I’m inspired to name them Betsy, Tacy, and Tib. Or, go with 3 goddesses … Like Freya, Beiwe (heralding spring), and Saga (goddess of poetry and history). Definitely need to see pictures! Xo

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