maple syrup harvest

Spring is here and it looks less likely evenings will be below freezing for the foreseeable future. That means no more maple tapping. It’s really the differential pressure caused by above and below freezing temps that causes tree sap to run.

We ended up tapping a lone maple tree for less time than we had envisioned and planned, but we still got a lot of sap.  And boiling down that sap yielded about 2.5 quarts of delicious maple syrup. We looked at prices at our coop and Agway. Looks like we tapped and processed about $75 of maple syrup.

Pretty cool!

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One Response to maple syrup harvest

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    WOW! That is so awesome, Sara! Do you think you will try to tap a couple more next year?

    Thanks for the update. Lots of love to you.

    [Lethbridge College]Lisa Kozleski
    Senior writer and editor
    Lethbridge College
    403-320-320 X5778

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