Yesterday was a day of (spring) firsts.

First time we had dinner on the west deck.  My dinner chilled a bit too quickly, but it was impossible not to eat dinner on the deck given the relative warmth and sunshine.  First time in something like 6 months.

First serious yard work, also in something like 5 months.  We got a truck load of (free) bark at our local town public works facility.  I used it on the southern landscaping.   Of course, the project would have been more efficient if I had weeded in advance and was only spreading out the bark.  But who has time to weed in advance…  I also could have used at least a half-dozen more truck loads of bark.  Not enough time.

First real chance to start prepping the garden for spring planting.  Ron had cleared out the chicken coop several weeks ago of all that poopy straw from late winter.  It was sitting on the ground (and on huge snow piles) in the orchard for weeks.  I schlepped several wheelbarrow loads to the compost bins (Saturday’s task).  More could have gone in the compost, but it was a lot of poopy straw.  Late Sunday, after the bark ran out, we raked and schlepped the rest of the poopy straw, putting it in the garden for the chickens to rototill and spread out.

Speaking of rototilling, another first: Ron plans to rototill the garden this afternoon.  It’s actually hard to find three consecutive days without rain in the spring, but the rototiller does best if the soil is not soaked.  We can’t remember the last time it rained, but it was Friday at the very latest.  So, this afternoon he’s going to rototill the garden–and the chickens will be positively thrilled!  It would have been nice to get the rest of the Agway compost into the garden (in addition to the poopy straw) before rototilling, but it’s no big deal to dump compost onto rototilled soil days or weeks from now before actual planting.  As is often the case, ideal gardening and landscaping rarely, if ever, happen.

Happy spring!

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One Response to firsts

  1. Lisa says:

    These firsts sounds so wonderful! I am SOOOO happy spring has finally spring in Ithaca! Good luck getting your garden going and growing…

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