fox v. rabbit

Ms. Fox was on the prowl last evening around 7:15 pm.  It never ceases to be cool.

Initially she was near the small pond at the edge of our lower meadow.  Then she headed toward the forest, doubled back, came up to the big honeysuckle on the western edge of the southern landscaping beds, loped by the bird bath, and then headed diagonally toward the garden out of sight.

We moved windows and saw that she had stopped near our bbq.  She was looking at the ground at something–or something she thought she saw.  She did the back feet and butt wiggle a few times (like cats do…), like she was about to pounce.  But nothing appeared.  She kept looking–and we kept watching her–but no mouse (?) made its way out of the grass.  Then she jogged up toward the messy wood pile, behind the pile, toward the compost bins, and was again out of sight.

We were about to give up on watching her when we suddenly we saw a bunny running madly to the north with the fox about six feet behind.  The rabbit was running for its life.  And that was no metaphor.  They were both going  s o  fast!  But the bunny was just fast enough that it seemed to escape.  And Ms. Fox then loped back down towards the forest.  In total, we must have watched her for 3-4 minutes.No mouse or rabbit dinner for Ms. Fox and it was clear she used some calories dashing after the bunny.  Hopefully she got a good dinner somewhere else.  We can’t count on seeing her on any given day, but around 7 in the morning and 7 in the evening seems to be a good time to be on a fox lookout.

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