easter egg hunt

If we were to have an Easter egg hunt today, it would have to be–yes, wait for it…

… in the snow!


The ground was almost all bare last evening. This morning I woke up and was quite confused because it was all white outside. Huh? Wait. Am I still asleep? Dreaming?

No, it’s Ithaca.  And it can snow on April 5th.

Granted, it is just an inch–and it’s very fluffy snow so it’s melting fairly quickly. But the snow is still coming down–a bit.

The chickens were not amused this morning either.  They did not come outside for several hours.  I think they were in shock, too.  Fortunately, they’ve summoned courage a few times and even wandered into the garden.

But all of us, humans and nonhumans at White Pine Farm, are ready for a permanent spring state, thankyouverymuch.

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One Response to easter egg hunt

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Booo for snow.

    Hope it melts quickly and that you had a wonderful Easter! We went to Big Fork with the extended Harding clan… I will forward some pictures I just sent to my parents ☺

    Love you so much.


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