bluebird on my batbox

Each day seems to bring a new critter or sign of spring.

Today’s sign: a male bluebird was on the top of the pole where we’ve installed a bat box (yes, a house for bats) this morning.  He’s the first bluebird we’ve seen this year.

Meanwhile, the chickens are relishing the spring thaw.  In the 50s yesterday and today.  It’s supposed to be in the 50s again tomorrow.  (I will ignore the fact it’s supposed to drop to the mid-30s Saturday.)  Finally the snow is melting more–and more quickly.  The chickens are running around in the orchard–and sometimes even in the garden–digging, scratching, looking for tasty bugs and bits of new green grass to eat.

And they are mud-dy.  Their eggs have been “poopy” looking the past few days, but then we realized it’s just mud from their messy, mucky feet and legs.

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