update on new project, I

Not sure where March is escaping to…

“New project, I” was about tapping our sugar maple trees.  I kept meaning to write about new projects, II and III, but still haven’t gotten there.  So here’s an update on new project, I.

We tapped one sugar maple about 10 days ago.  Not much happened despite the spring thaw (amen!)–until a few days ago.  Both taps started flowing more.  Ron collected about a gallon yesterday so we decided to put it in the big soup pot and start simmering it down.  He collected another gallon this morning so we added that into the reduced sap that remained in the pot.

The ratio of 40 units sap to 1 unit syrup is pretty amazing.  After cooking down what we collected yesterday and today, it’s still maple-ish water more than anything else.  But we can see how more sap plus more cooking will eventually turn into actual syrup.

Of course, we’re not sure how much electricity we’re using to simmer the sap.  Does it really save money to process one’s own sap versus buying it at the coop?  Not sure.

But we’re trying this out and seeing how it goes.  For the moment it’s relatively work and we’ll see how the results go.

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