be glad you are not a deer

I woke up in the middle of the night a few nights ago.  There were two dark blobs in the snow on the south side of the house: deer.  Ron’s seen them out and about at night a number of times, but I haven’t.

They were, of course, trying to eat.  But when there’s 2+ feet of snow on the ground, eating is a challenge.  Even walking is a challenge.  Indeed, one of them walked to where the other one was and I could see the snow was basically up to her pits.

It was one of those nights that was really cold (we’ve had so many of them this winter).  It’s hard to know if moving around is even calorie smart.  Walking through compacted snow must burn a lot of calories.  The dead plants below two feet of snow can’t offer much nutrition or calories.  But the hunger urge must be so great.

This may be a bad die-off year for the deer and other critters.  Some winters are like that.  It’s a harsh reality–harshest, of course, for the animals themselves.

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