mining the compost

Alas, this is not about *our* compost.  It’s under more than two feet of snow right now.  In fact, we can’t even get to our compost piles because there is so much snow.  It would take too much work to dig a path to get there.

Ron has therefore set up a temporary compost in the garage, which remains around freezing most of the time.  It’s just a big plastic bin with lid.  We hope the mice won’t get in there.  Or die in there.  And then stink up the bin and garage.

But I digress.

No, mining the compost has to do with Ron’s weekly “superworker” shift at our wonderful local co-op.  He works two hours a week and we get a discount on our non-sale groceries.  One of his regular co-workers (both of whom are awesome) checks the co-op’s big compost bin at the beginning of her shift each week.  She pulls out anything her chickens will eat.  Extra bonus: not only financial discount on groceries, but also free food for the hens.

Ron figured out B’s scheme so last week they started sharing the compost treasures.  Last week he got starting-to-rot alfalfa sprouts.  The chickens weren’t thrilled, but they eventually ate most of them.  This week was a bigger hit: some kind of winter green Ron doesn’t know the name of plus more alfalfa sprouts.  (Hmm, guess alfalfa sprouts aren’t too popular these days…)

It was a balmy 18 (F) yesterday with a lot of sun and little wind so the chickens came out for good chunks of the day.  They really liked the mystery greens and munched on those.  The alfalfa sprouts were once again second fiddle, but I suspect they will eat them today.  It’s nice that they have more fresh food to eat–and for free.

In other chicken news, we got a small white egg yesterday.  This means one of the eldest three (Daisy, Ella, and Caroline) laid for the first time in, um, probably four months (sigh).  Not sure who it is, although my bets are on Caroline since she’s scratched around the nest boxes from time to time over the past month.  Now up to six layers!

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