from ella, with love

Well, that was cute.

More snow = more shoveling.  Not so cute.

But I dug out the path to the chicken coop–again–and then continued shoveling the path from the coop through the garden to the orchard gate, through the orchard and up to the other door of the coop.  Opened the door.  All the chickens came out, albeit with some reasonable trepidation.

I reversed course and went back into the coop from the greenhouse side to see if there were any eggs and to say hello the chickens.  They had all come back inside by then.  As usual.  Peeping, scratching around in the poopy straw, picking the snow off my boots.

Ella hopped up on the low roost and looked at me expectantly.  I swear the cartoon bubble over her head said, “pick me up!”

So I did.

She looked at me with her beady little eye for a while, and then started nestling down into my arm.  Meanwhile, Pippi had hopped up on the low roost and started pecking at my jacket sleeve.  I put Ella down and was paying a little attention to Pippi (needy hens!).

But Ella hopped up on the low roost again and looked at me even more intently.

Okay, so I picked her up again and this time she nestled down into my arm–and, I should add, down jacket–almost immediately.  If there had been a stool or chair in the coop, I’m sure she would have been quite happy to sit there with me for a while.

Ahhh!  Smart chicken!  She’s figured out that the big blonde chicken is friendly, not threatening, and if she picks you up, you can get a free warm-up in toasty warm down on a cold winter day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From ella, with love.

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