more snow

We had some snow on the ground Friday morning.  Then we got about 6 inches Friday morning through mid-afternoon.  We spent several hours Friday afternoon shoveling.

It started snowing again at some point that night and by Saturday morning, we had about 4 inches of fresh snow.  Ron shoveled that morning while I did errands.

It started snowing yet again yesterday evening and by this morning, another 6 inches of fresh snow.  And it’s still snowing.

Today’s exercise: [you guessed it] more shoveling!

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One Response to more snow

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Loved your posts this weekend, Sara… so glad you are finding the ways to make the house “work” and fit your living… and sorry about the cabbages!

    We had a weird warm spell for about 10 days and I was surprised when snow was back Saturday morning. I mean, it’s January in Canada, but I was kind of getting used to no coat!

    Have a great week.


    Lisa Kozleski
    Editor and Senior Writer, Marketing and Communications
    403-320-3202 ext. 5778
    3000 College Drive S., Lethbridge, AB T1K 1L6

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