making dinner for the chickens

It’s been pretty cold lately, particularly at night, and the snow has ebbed and flowed the past few weeks.  The chickens don’t seem to be as bored and grumpy as last winter when they faced months of polar vortexes, but they are spending a lot of time inside the coop these days.

Ron was checking on them yesterday and they seemed a bit bored.  Plenty warm and taken care of, especially since we remembered we could open the door between the coop and the greenhouse.  We prop a screen in the doorway and lots of sun and heat can come into the coop from the greenhouse without letting the chickens run amok (aka, poop all over the greenhouse).  But Ron said they looked a bit bored.

He decided he wanted to give them some treats as a diversion.  The more complicated the treats the better since they can pick at them, fight over them, and thereby waste some time focused on the treats.

Ron therefore decided to bake two butternut squashes and make squash curry (yum!) for our dinner–our in the collective vous sense: random bits for the chickens and the tasty squash flesh for us.  He gave the hens the pile of squash innards, including seeds, plus the cooked skins once he had baked the squash, scooped out the flesh, and left the skins.

Not surprisingly, this was a Big Hit.  And we got delicious–and healthy–butternut squash curry for dinner.  Bon appetit to chickens and nonchickens alike!

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3 Responses to making dinner for the chickens

  1. clecain says:

    I want to be reincarnated as a chicken on your farm! 🙂

  2. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Such efficient multi-tasking! And everyone wins in the end!

    Hope you had a good weekend! Lots of love to you.


    Lisa Kozleski
    Editor and Senior Writer, Marketing and Communications
    403-320-3202 ext. 5778
    3000 College Drive S., Lethbridge, AB T1K 1L6

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