fox sighting!

This is worth a quick second post: just saw a(nother/the same as the other morning) fox!

I was in my office so I couldn’t see everything, but it looks like it jogged down the driveway, headed straight back towards the woods, continued down to the camp fire area, quickly peed on something (!), sniffed around the camp fire, barked a few times (! I could hear it from inside the house!), did a funny circle around, and then headed along the edge of the meadow into the woods.  We have some wetland forest about 50 feet into the woods so it jogged down the slope and out of sight.

But I had a good view for that 30 seconds–fox contrasted against white snow in full sunshine and everything!  I wonder if we’ll keep seeing him or her.

The real question: if you see how a fox pees, can you figure out if it’s male or female?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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