breakfast with wildlife

A fox ran across the lower meadow this morning while we were eating breakfast.  It was so cool–and the first fox I’ve seen on the land, although Ron’s seen several here before (but rarely with this good of a view).

I’m not sure where she popped out, but I first saw her near the mini-pond Ron dug.  Then she jogged along the edge of the meadow where the forest meets the meadow.  She loped around the bottom of the fenced sheep pasture and then darted into the woods at the very far side of the meadow.  Then she ran back in the other direction–but in the woods–and then reversed course again–still in the woods.  And then we couldn’t see her any more.

It snowed a few inches last night and it was still snowing big fat flakes this morning so it was an extremely picturesque scene: adult fox with poofy tail running through our meadow.  We don’t know, of course, if it was male or female, but I sure hope it comes back!  Just not in our hen house…

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One Response to breakfast with wildlife

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    You painted such a beautiful picture with this post! I can see it all!

    Much love to you and your gorgeous fox.

    Lisa Kozleski

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