egger egg!

I know y’all are tired of hearing about the chickens, but…

… one of the Easter eggers laid her first egg today!

We think it’s Beaker because Ron said she’s been investigating and rooting around the nest boxes the past few days.  And making a mess, like tipping over said nest boxes.  Not helpful!  But Beaker is a bit of a spaz.

The “Easter egger” breed has beautiful blue-green eggs so we *know* it is one of the three new hens from this spring.  The egg is whiter than we thought, but it definitely has a green tinge.  I suspect the eggs will get more blue-green in the coming weeks.

As those with good, chicken-detailed-oriented memories might recall, Caroline laid her first egg Christmas Eve last year so Beaker has her beat by six days.  Plus we think the Easter eggers were born a little later than Daisy, Ella, and Caroline, although we haven’t done the exact math.

Meanwhile, Scruffy seems sweet on Hawkeye.  They are almost inseparable, but it was Beaker who hit chicken puberty [still giggling] first.

Just goes to show you that the disabled–even disabled chickens like Beaker who has a messed up beak, hence her name–are quite abled.

Future posts on lack of passive solar over the past 10+ days, how much passive solar works when the sun is around, and Scruffy & Hawkeye’s adorable adventure in the snowy garden a few days ago.

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One Response to egger egg!

  1. Lisa Kozleski says:

    Yay Yay Yay! So glad to hear this news – happy news in these dark days (literally) of winter.

    Wishing you many more beautiful eggs to come!

    Love you.


    Lisa Kozleski
    Writer, Marketing and Communications
    403-320-3202 ext. 5778
    3000 College Drive S., Lethbridge, AB T1K 1L6

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