frosted flakes

We got about a foot of snow between yesterday and last night, although it’s a bit hard to tell because it’s been fairly windy so there are snow drifts everywhere.

The chickens are protesting.  A few ventured out for several minutes yesterday, but they don’t like the snow and they really don’t like the wind.

Meanwhile, the sheep did okay when we had several inches of snow two weeks ago.  Mocha and Richard just shove their faces into the snow to eat.  Latte is more sophisticated and uses her front feet to dig little holes.

Whenever it snows the sheep look like frosted flakes or those shredded-wheat cereal biscuits with sugar (or more likely, high-fructose corn syrup…) on top.  Every once in a while they’ll shake off the “sugar,” but wander around most of the time dusted with snow.  Very cute, especially Mocha whose dark brown wool contrasts most sharply with the white snow.

We’re hoping that our Sheep Lady takes the sheep home soon.  With this much snow it will be harder for them to dig and get grass.  Ron fed them some hay this morning and they’ve already eaten most of it.  Plus they’d probably be happier in a barn at night, although they do nestle themselves under one of our pine trees, mostly out of the rain, snow, and wind.  But we’ll also miss the sheep, frosted flakes or not.  They’ve been entertaining to watch.  The plan is for the Sheep Lady to bring sheep again next year.

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One Response to frosted flakes

  1. Rebecca says:

    I *need* pictures of sheep dotted with snow!! xo Miss you!

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